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1 a zealously energetic person (especially a salesman) [syn: goffer]
2 any of various terrestrial burrowing rodents of Old and New Worlds; often destroy crops [syn: ground squirrel, spermophile]
3 burrowing rodent of the family Geomyidae having large external cheek pouches; of Central America and southwestern North America [syn: pocket gopher, pouched rat]
4 burrowing edible land tortoise of southeastern North America [syn: gopher tortoise, gopher turtle, Gopherus polypemus]

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  1. a small burrowing furry rodent
  2. an Internet protocol for document search/retrieval
  3. an unknown tree; Noah's Ark was built in gopher-wood
  4. (slang) a junior worker, usually in an office — someone who can be sent to go for things; in this sense it is sometimes spelled gofer


a small burrowing furry rodent
an Internet protocol for document search/retrieval
a junior worker

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